uPVC Casement Doors


uPVC Casement Doors

Ever wondered how do doors get their 'Push' or 'Pull' stickers on them? Casement doors make it possible. The doors that can be opened inwards and/or outwards with the help of hinges fixed on a frame are called casement doors. We have 3 bespoke styles available in this category.


  • Looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Available in multiple size options.
  • Makes the door open fully i.e., 100%.
  • Provides highest level of water-proofing for any door.
  • Works well as French windows for balconies and verandas.
  • Locks at several points across the door for security and better sealing.
  • Acts as a barrier against dust and pollution due to the double sealing with TPV gaskets for enhanced thermal and sound insulation.
  • If you are looking at including a fly mesh to the door, then this one doesn’t have a provision

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